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Jigsaw(Not Rated)
Another Jigsaw puzzle for ya'll to do.
MegaPuzzle(Not Rated)
You thought those ones you got from fast food rest
Multiplication Station(Not Rated)
Multiplication Station is now purely educational! No
Paint Activity(Not Rated)
Paint Activity
Pick a picture, and simpy colour it in! You can ma
Paradise Island(Not Rated)
Paradise Island
An extremely hard jigsaw sure to keep you occupie
Parking Garage(Not Rated)
Parking Garage
A fun little maze in which you have to get the car
Pikachu Balls(Not Rated)
Pikachu Balls
Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him re
Pingo(Not Rated)
Join up all the stars in a line to win.
Pipemania(Not Rated)
The aim of the game is to use various pipe fitting
Puzzle Land(Not Rated)
Puzzle Land
A slightly modified version of Hapland, where timi
Puzzle Mania X(Not Rated)
Puzzle Mania X
The ultimate puzzle game! Choose from a range of 1
Reversi(Not Rated)
Play a classic game of Reversi where you try and f
Road Blocks(Not Rated)
Road Blocks
Really smart game of logic and luck.
Rubic's Cube(Not Rated)
Rubic's Cube
Oh, the ever-addicting Rubic's Cube is here, on o
Slacker Adventure(Not Rated)
Slacker Adventure
This is a fantastic flash RPG game. Guide Slacker
Snap Shotz(Not Rated)
Snap Shotz
Can you spot the difference? There's 6 or so puzzl
Space Collector(Not Rated)
Space Collector
Collect the special items through the levels and p
Swimwear Memory(Not Rated)
Swimwear Memory
Play this fun swimwear version of the memory game.
The Doors
The Doors
Another great point'n'click game. A bit more diff
Tsunami(Not Rated)
This is an excellent game, that really captures th
Wild West Shootout(Not Rated)
Wild West Shootout
Wild West Shootout, claim rewards for shooting th
Xraye(Not Rated)
Now this is a annoying little addictive puzzle if
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