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Action / Adventure Games

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Doc Ock Rampage(Not Rated)
Doc Ock Rampage
Go on a rampage with Doc Ock and destroy everythin
Dolphin Dash(Not Rated)
Dolphin Dash
Collect as many coins as possible by guiding the
Donkey Kong(Not Rated)
Donkey Kong
Play the very first donkey kong in all its glory,
Dragon Ball Z Pong(Not Rated)
Dragon Ball Z Pong
A revolutionary version of classic pong game where
Dragon Force(Not Rated)
Dragon Force
Guide your ship through space, destroy all the ene
Dragon Gordy(Not Rated)
Dragon Gordy
Primary goal of the game is to feed Gordy. A newly
Dragonball Z(Not Rated)
Dragonball Z
A 2 player game, choose one of 3 players to fight
Dragonforce(Not Rated)
Fly in your space ship, fire lasers, homing missil
Dragonslayer(Not Rated)
Shoot down dragons with your magic and dispel the
Dread Rocks(Not Rated)
Dread Rocks
A Rock climbing game. Something is hiding in the v
Drifting Championships(Not Rated)
Drifting Championships
Unreal Racing Game. Skid out for points. Start you
Driving On Ice(Not Rated)
Driving On Ice
Find out what it's like to drive on ice in this r
Drunk Driver(Not Rated)
Drunk Driver
Get into the drunk driver championship and test ho
Easter Bunny(Not Rated)
Easter Bunny
Guide the bunny through various regions, collect a
Egg Run(Not Rated)
Egg Run
After falling out of your nest, collect enough twi
Eggs Terminator 2(Not Rated)
Eggs Terminator 2
Arnold is a bunny in this adventure game.
Electro Man(Not Rated)
Electro Man
very fun, delicate hand person, skill game
Electronica: Prequel(Not Rated)
Electronica: Prequel
Walk through alley ways and other places in this c
Elephant(Not Rated)
What do you do when your the size of a small dicky
Elephant Boner Assault(Not Rated)
Elephant Boner Assault
In this game you go bump into people.
Ellipsis(Not Rated)
Stay alive as long as possible
Escape From Rhetundo Island(Not Rated)
Escape From Rhetundo Island
Help Johnny Tag to escape from the island in this
Escape from Elm Street(Not Rated)
Escape from Elm Street
Walk around this scary dark house explore differen
Estupidezz(Not Rated)
A marvelous colorful remake of the thrilling game
Et Hell Fire(Not Rated)
Et Hell Fire
Take control of a Surface-to-Air missile site and
Etherena(Not Rated)
A very advanced flash fighter game!
Etherena-2(Not Rated)
Strange little game where you poo on each other t
Exofusion 2(Not Rated)
Exofusion 2
Another great space shooot-em-up. In this one you
FF FlashRPG(Not Rated)
Select your character Cloud, Sephiroth, Kain or Te
F_A-18 Hornet(Not Rated)
F_A-18 Hornet
Use your mouse to guide the F/A-18 along the path
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